Intel’s Basis Unveils Peak Fitness And Sleep Tracker Watch

Intel-owned Basis has just unveiled a brand-new smartwatch, and while I'd understand it if you didn't get too excited based on that fact alone, this model does seem to have what it takes to stand out of the crowd. Called Peak, this high-quality smartwatch features a Gorilla Glass touchscreen face and an anodized aluminum body that comes in either matte black or brushed silver. Overall, it looks pretty sharp.

What makes the Peak really interesting though isn't what you see, but what you don't see. For starters, it has a faster processor than the B1 Band, which most notably is able to improve the built-in heart rate monitor. According to Re/code, Basis claims that Peak should be accurate enough to replace a heart-rate chest strap.

In addition to all of the health-related information you'd expect to see on a watch like this, Peak will eventually support a variety of notifications which it will leech from your smartphone via Bluetooth LE. Further, Basis' app, when used with this watch, will be smart enough to understand what its wearer will be capable of on any given day, and can reorder workout activities accordingly. Clearly, this really is one "smart" device.

Ultimately, Basis isn't looking for Peak to become a seriously robust smartwatch - it's supposed to be a great fitness watch that has has some elements typical of other smart devices, like notifications. If you like the sound of that, the Peak can be yours this November for about $200.