Intel's Anti-Theft Tech Comes To Asus P Series

Here lately, Asus has spent the bulk of its time pumping out all sorts of new GPUs. Today, however, it's going back to its roots -- and by that, we mean, back to the notebook arena. The outfit's P Series, which was just showcased at CeBIT in Germany last month, will soon be equipped with Intel's own Anti-Theft Technology in an effort to curb the growing theft of laptop computers. Not surprisingly, Asus is aiming this at businesses, business users and everyday consumers that tend to travel often.

The Anti-theft PC Protection Technology provides users with the ability to send a "poison pill" remotely, rendering the notebook inoperable by comprehensively shutting it down. If and when the machine is ever recovered, a local password or recovery token can be used to reactivate it. Of course, this "theft deterrent" actually offers no real deterrent; granted, it'll keep your data safe once stolen, but unless Asus plans on slapping huge "Anti-Theft" stickers on the lid, we're guessing that most thieves will yank first and think later.

At any rate, we reckon the inclusion of this here technology can't hurt matters, and it'll soon be incorporated into the P30 and P80 notebooks. There's no word on when the tech will spread to more Asus machines, but we wouldn't be surprised to see the partnership spread to even more lines soon.