Intel ViiV vs. AMD Live!

The Inquirer reports that AMD has just announced their answer to Intel's ViiV multimedia campaign. Dubbed AMD Live!, this new brand will be found on various upcoming multimedia desktops and notebooks. With both AMD and Intel pushing hard on this new front, it should be interesting to see how the market reacts.

AMD said that it will extend the AMD Live! Brand to consumer multimedia desktop and notebook PCs which are likely to tip up in the middle of this year. It's unlikely to have anything like the reach of Intel's ambitious Viiv scheme, which pulls in a hefty number of partners but AMD did say its partners include Alienware, ATI, Broadcom, Motorola, Nero, Nvidia and Via. It's also unlikely to spend the pots of money Intel will branding Viiv over the coming months and years. The chip giant wants to associate consumer and media PCs with its Viiv branding, in much the same manner it associated wireless networking with its Centrino brand.
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