Intel Unveils Montevina, Centrino 2 Platform

Intel has just finally announced the Montevina mobile platform, their 5th generation of the underlying technology that makes up the company's Centrino 2 mobile architecture. Like previous iterations, the Montevina platform consists of a processor, chipset, and a specific wireless network module. New with Montevina, however, are also a fresh batch of 45nm Penryn-derived mobile processors with front side bus frequencies up to 1066MHz. In addition, the Mobile 4 Express Series of chipsets, (GL40, GS45, GM45, GM47, and PM45) some with the GMA X4500 DX10 graphics cores, and a number of WiFi / WiMax-enabled wireless network modules are also being brought to market.  


We'll step you through the high level details of Montevina in the pages ahead, so read on.