Intel Unseats ARM in Samsung Galaxy 3 10.1 Android Tablet

In sports, it's said that a playoff series doesn't truly begin until a team wins a game on the opponent's home court. If the same philosophy applies to competition in the technology space, then consider it "Game on" in the mobile space, as Intel just won a battle in territory that's traditionally belonged to ARM.

More specifically, it's being reported that Samsung is opting to have Intel processors inside a new version of one of its high-end Android tablets. And make no mistake, if true, this is a major win for a chip maker that, despite being on financially sound ground, has yet to port its prior success on the desktop over to the mobile world where it seems most devices are running on ARM hardware.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
The next version of Samsung's 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab is rumored to run Intel hardware inside, not ARM.

Citing a "source with knowledge of the plans," Reuters says Samsung will use Intel's Clover Trail+ mobile processor in at least one of its Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 devices. Specifications haven't yet been announced, hence the source spoke about the deal on the condition of anonymity.

Samsung's relationship with Intel isn't exactly a new one. The South Korean device maker previously tapped Intel to power its Windows-based ATIV tablets, and come June 20, Samsung is said to be unveiling a new batch of ATIV devices with Intel inside. However, Intel doesn't have much of a foothold in the Android market, so this is potentially a big deal for the Santa Clara chip maker.