Intel Touts 3rd-Gen Core vPro CPUs, Security And IT Focused

Intel's 3rd-generation Core i7 CPUs are certainly forces to be reckoned with, but they aren't the best option for most businesses. In order to give enterprise users an option, too, the company's introducing a 3rd wave of their Core vPro CPUs. These units are shipping now, aimed at notebooks (Ultrabooks included) across the IT landscape.
With the 3rd generation Intel Core vPro processor platform, Intel is leading the way into a new era, delivering the comprehensive and manageable computing solutions to business that enable them to deal with security threats, while providing the flexibility and form factors users demand," said Rick Echevarria, vice president, Intel Architecture Group and general manager, Business Client Platform Division.
To defend against identity theft, Intel introduced Intel Identity Protection Technology with public key infrastructure into Intel Core vPro processors. The technology provides a new second layer of authentication embedded into the PC that allows websites and business networks to validate that a legitimate user is logging in from a trusted PC by using a private key stored in a PC's firmware. Intel has been working with solution providers and online Web properties such as Feitian, InfoSERVER, Symantec and VASCO to take advantage of Intel IPT technology to ultimately safeguard users' identity. Clearly, enterprise features are at the heart of these chips.

The Intel Core vPro Processor family includes Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) to remotely manage computing issues. For example, retailers with point-of-sale machines, digital signs or other intelligent devices can remotely diagnose and fix problems over the network. Further details can be found in the Via link below; no word on when actual machines with the new vPro gear will start to ship, though.
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