Intel To Power 300,000+ New Google Servers?

Intel To Power 300,000 New Google Servers?

DigiTimes has a new article about Google and a possible purchase of 300,000 or more new Intel-powered servers:

"According to sources at motherboard makers, Intel recently landed a deal with search engine giant Google to supply CPUs for about 300,000-400,000 servers for Google, with Intel sweetening the deal by providing free chipsets to support the processors. The sources stated that Intel will provide a custom-designed solution for Google's servers, with Gigabyte Technology expected to support the project, as the motherboard maker has had a manufacturing relationship with Google in the past."

The fact that Google seems to be leaning the way of Intel versus looking into the future of AMD server CPUs could be interesting in the technical sense or it might simply be about bargaining. It could be anything from Google simply not having time to wait, or it could be that Google is simply looking for a bargain and knows that a good showing by AMD will make Intel react by lowering prices. Either way, be glad you're not paying the electric bill for so many servers.

Via:  DigiTimes
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