Intel To Acquire Telmap

According to a blog post from Intel’s AppUp event, the company has an agreement to acquire mobile location-based services provider Telmap. (The post did not indicate the cost of the acquisition.) The move is aimed at helping Intel expand its software and services offerings on the mobile front.

Intel is looking to develop an “integrated, uniform” experience across any number of different devices, and Telmap’s expertise with mobile search, mapping, and navigation will certainly deliver some valuable assets to the effort.

Intel believes that Telmap will help it give AppUp developers those aforementioned tools in the form of standard APIs and software, which will help make app development an easier task. Specifically, the post mentioned that advanced “in-app and in-experience location features”, which aren’t currently feasible, will be easy for developers to implement.

The acquisition was announced at the Intel AppUp Elements 2011 show in Seattle.

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