Intel Sets Up New Business Unit for the ‘Internet of Things’

Pretty soon, you won't be able to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom without tripping over half a dozen Internet connected devices. Perhaps that's already the case for some of you. If not, just give it some time. Phones (smartphones), eye glasses (Google Glass), and cameras are just the beginning; one day your microwave will dial up a website so it knows how long to reheat your leftovers. This is what's called the "Internet of Things," where everything is connected.

Enter Intel, the world's largest semiconductor company. Intel obviously has a vested interest in smart devices, and to ensure it remains at the cutting edge of this emerging trend, the Santa Clara chip maker created a new "Internet of Things Solutions Group."

Intel Galileo
Intel's Galileo development board features a 400MHz Quark SoC X1000 and can be used to power a range of IoT devices.

This means two things. First, the term "Internet of Things" (IoT) won't be disappearing any time soon. And secondly, Intel isn't likely to have to play catch-up like it's doing in the handheld mobile market where ARM has such a strong presence.

"We at Intel are in a very unique position in the market given the breadth of our assets to make IoT a reality. By bringing together data center, cloud, network infrastructure, gateways, and device platforms, we’re delivering value and democratizing the benefits of the Internet of Things," Intel stated in a blog post last month.

At least initially, the new business unit will focus its efforts on embedded markets like retail, aerospace, automotive, and industrial automation. It should also be noted that Intel has already created a low power SoC called Quark specifically designed for IoT gadgets.