Intel Release User Friendly SSD Toolbox 3.0

Intel today made available version 3.0 of its Solid State Drive Toolbox software designed to help Intel SSD owners optimize and keep their drives running in tip-top shape as if just unboxed. This new version makes it easier than ever to update firmware, run diagnostics, and perform optimizations right from within Windows with a redesigned and streamlined user interface.

This free utility also includes a system tuner that makes system configuration recommendations geared towards squeezing the most performance out of your SSD. It does this by detecting and determining if things like SuperFetch/Prefetch should be disabled, and whether or not to turn off ready/boost, defragmenter, or DIPM, all of which are services designed to make mechanical hard drives run faster, but could potentially have a negative impact on SSD performance.

"Super easy and elegant, the Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox helps users embark on the road to the faster performance of SSDs without having to deal with the complexities of the drive," Intel said in a statement. "It makes it easier for consumers to make the technology leap as SSDs become more mainstream. Intel SSD owners can download the new toolbox free at Additional information about Intel Solid-State Drives can be found at"

The new Toolbox is now available in 11 languages as well.