Intel Recalls Xeon E-2274G Coffee Lake CPU Over Rubbish Stock Cooler

intel xeon e 2
Intel's 14nm process node is most certainly long in the tooth, but the company has tried to make best of the situation with refinements over the past four years. With that being said, Intel is actually recalling one of its recent processors based on 14nm++ lithography: the Xeon E-2274G, which is a member of the Coffee Lake family.

In this case, Intel is recalling retail boxed versions of the processor, which come with the company's on DHA-A heatsink (P/N: E97378-003) in the box. The problem, according to Intel, is that the stock cooler "does not meet the requirement for thermal performance" for the Xeon E-2274G, which is rated at 83 TDP.

intel xeon e

As a result, Intel is declaring that all retail boxed versions of the Xeon E-2274G are EOL, or End of Life. All is not lost, however. Intel is still offering customers that that require the Xeon E-2274G "tray" versions, which come with just the processor and no heatsink. It would then be up to those customers to supply their own adequate cooling solutions. The product code for retail boxed processors is BX80684E2274G, while the product code for the tray version is CM8068404174407.

Intel has not clarified exactly how the stock cooler is failing with respect to thermal performance, and we don't expect to get any further information from the company aside from this Product Change Notification (PDF).

The Xeon E-2274G is a 4-core/8-thread Coffee Lake processor with a base clock of 4GHz and a maximum turbo clock of 4.8GHz. It officially launched back during Q2 2019, and has a street price of around $330.