Intel Readies Broadwell-Based 16-Core Xeon D-1571 For Microservers

We've said it before and we'll say it again, it's ridiculously difficult to keep a secret in the Internet era. That applies to companies both small and big—even Intel isn't immune from this. Case in point, you're not supposed to know this yet, but Intel is preparing to launch a new flagship Xeon D processor.

It's the Xeon D-1571 based on Intel's 14nm Broadwell architecture. Intel hasn't announced the CPU yet, but for a short while, it appeared on an updated CPU price list. Intel yanked the price list offline and replaced it with an old one, but not before the folks at CPU World could screenshot it and report on the details.

Intel Xeon D

The Xeon D-1571 sits atop the Xeon D-1500 family of processors, though it doesn't represent a mere speed bump. In fact, it's actually clocked 35 percent slower at 1.3GHz, but it brings twice as many cores to the table as the previous flagship, making it a 16-core CPU capable of executing 32 Threads courtesy of Hyper Threading support. Intel also doubled the L3 cache to 32MB and slapped a 45W TDP rating on the chip, same as every other Xeon D-1500 series processor.

With a list price of $1,222, it's more than twice as expensive as the Xeon D-1540, which is listed at $581. As these processors are typically aimed at microservers and cloud storage setups, the price tag could make it a tough sell. Intel probably isn't looking to move mass quantities of its new flagship, rather it's answering the call for customers who could benefit from throwing more cores at their solutions, but don't have the funds for a Xeon E7 or even a Xeon E5 configuration—a 16-core Xeon E5-4667 carries a list price of $5,729.

Look for Intel to officially unveil the Xeon D-1571 sometime this month (and probably sooner than later).