Intel Puts Its Stamp On Cloud Solutions With “Powered By Intel Cloud Technology” Branding

Intel likes its now-iconic “Intel Inside” branding and the accompanying stickers decorating devices of all kinds that it’s expanding the spirit of that campaign to the cloud with its “Powered By Intel Cloud Technology” branding.

Ostensibly, the new campaign is aimed at helping cloud service providers (CSPs) understand their hardware options and differentiate between platforms as well as provide information via its Intel Cloud Finder search engine with free-to-try services, but a good bit of this is simple brand awareness.

Intel cloud finder search tool
Intel Cloud Finder

It’s also designed to make cloud users aware of the underlying technology being used by the CSPs, which will no doubt have some of the same psychological impact that the “Intel Inside” strategy has wrought.

Intel would also like to point out that its partnership with some 16 CSPs represents over $3.5 billion in cloud services revenue expected for 2014.