Intel Provides Details On New Products,

Intel Provides Details On New Products, Initiatives For Higher-Performing, More Efficient Computers

Innovation, Processing Performance and Cooperation Key to Moving Forward Faster

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, Beijing, April 17, 2007 -- Intel Corporation executives today detailed more than 20 new products, technology innovations and industry initiatives -- many of them industry firsts -- aimed at making the World Wide Web, computers and consumer electronics devices much more responsive, friendlier and secure.

Under the backdrop of Intel's leadership in 45nm Hi-k metal gate silicon technology and how it will ignite new innovation and growth opportunities, Intel executives at the Intel Developer Forum disclosed new performance details for its next-generation "Penryn" processor family. The company also unveiled two product roadmaps for Intel architecture (IA)-based System on Chip (SOC) consumer electronic (CE) devices and business uses. READ MORE...

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