Intel Planning To Buy NVIDIA?

Speculation that Intel is planning to make a bid for NVIDIA caused NVIDIA shares to surge by over 8% today. AMD's planned purchase of ATI was the catalyst for the renewed speculation, but there's been no official announcement yet, even though an analyst quoted by Reuters was under the impression something would be said tonight...

"Investors have been speculating that Nvidia might be acquired since July, when Advanced Micro Devices agreed to buy Nvidia rival ATI Technologies for $5.4 billion. Rumors of such a transaction resurfaced on Wednesday, spreading quickly across Wall Street trading desks, according to three options market participants. "There is speculation that Intel will make an acquisition announcement tonight," said Bill Lefkowitz, options strategist at brokerage firm vFinance Investments in New York."

This news is speculation at the moment and we don't expect it will come to fruition anytime soon, if at all. Then again, it took a number of months for the official AMD / ATI news to hit, so who knows? We'll be keeping our ears to the ground, that's for sure.

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