Intel Pays AMD The $1.25 Billion It Owed, AMD Throws A Check-Cashing Party

We know it's just semantics, but evidently AMD billed Intel with NET30 terms, because just under a month after Intel decided to cough up a whopping $1.25 billion in order to put an end to the lingering (and costly) litigation between the two regarding antitrust claims and IP disputes, Intel has delivered. AMD just received one of the biggest checks that have probably ever arrived at its mailstop, with a cool $1.25 billion moving out of Intel's coffers and into AMD's piggy bank.

According to the release, the payment "settles monetary terms regarding an agreement over a number of antitrust patent disputes," and of course this also means that the two are exchanging patent rights at the very beginning of their five-year agreement. It's tough to say what AMD will end up doing with the cash, but it's definitely a lot of dough to just receive all of a sudden. Will it fast-track mobile platform chips? Bust out a consumer level 16-core CPU? Just use it to buy anti-Intel ads? Only time will tell, but we're sure hoping the cash will enable the company to make a really serious push in the coming year to gaining back some of that market share it has lost.