Intel Opening Intel Experience Retail Stores Across The US For The Holidays

Intel is inside many computers, but the company wants to be inside retail locations, too. The company produced a video outlining its efforts to prop up Intel Experience Stores, the first of which will open in Nolita, New York at 10am on November 23rd.

The whole venture sounds intriguing, if somewhat odd. Clearly, the CPU maker wants to push its brand presence and get people seeing its wares in person and spending hands-on time with its technology, but it appears as though Intel is looking to do more with the stores.

Intel Experience Store
Artist rendering

The Intel Experience stores will also be designed as a sort of tech-based (and Intel-branded) community center, replete with free-to-attend events designed for kids and adults alike, free coffee every day, Friday movies, and community speakers. The video mentions a Tech Disruptors Program wherein Intel will invite local techies and makers to “showcase their innovation skills” with demonstrations of their projects or research. Intel says the stores can become whatever the community wants them to be.

Intel Experience Store

Intel Experience Store
Artist renderings

The interior of the stores will change thrice daily. Shoppers can “test drive” some new Intel products, and you’ll be able to buy things online from inside the store, which is something that can make your head hurt of you think about it too hard.

Intel is promising more stores at some point, but for now the only place for the Intel Experience is the location in Nolita that will open in a matter of days.