Intel Names New Leadership To Accelerate IoT And Newly Organized ADG Automated Driving Division


Intel might be best known for its line of semiconductors (and rightfully so), but computer processors isn't the only category that it is investing in. The Santa Clara chipmaker has also jumped on board the fast growing Internet of Things (IoT) sector, a category that it sees as "nothing short of a revolution," and it's tapped Tom Lantzsch to lead the way.

Lantzsch joins Intel's executive leadership team as the company's new senior vice president and general manager of the IoT Group. He's spent more than three decades serving Fortune 500 companies and early stage startup firms, including the last 10 years acting as executive vice president of strategy at ARM.

Tom Lantzsch

"Here’s what we want you to know about Tom: He brings deep strategic and operational acumen, and he’s grown businesses and fueled innovation. He’ll be an accelerant leader for Intel and our industry – leading with a pure passion for how smart and connected devices will enrich our daily lives. Tom will join the team formally in January," Intel said.

Intel also announced the creation of a new Automated Driving Group (ADG) to ramp up its efforts in autonomous vehicle technology, another fast growing field and one that is represented by several technology giants, including Google, Tesla, and various automakers. The new group will be solely focused on designing the next generation of advanced driver assist systems and autonomous driving solutions.

Doug Davis and Kathy Winter

Doug Davis, an Intel elite who's spent over 30 years at Intel, decided to postpone his retirement to lead the new group. He'll be assisted by Kathy Winter, a former vice president of software and services for automated driving at Delphi. She will step into the role as vice president and general manager of the Automated Solutions Division (ASD).

"With Tom and Doug at the helm of Intel’s IoT and automated driving efforts, I’m more confident than ever that Intel will uniquely lead the revolution that will create our future smart and connected world," said Murthy Renducintala, president of the Client and Internet of Things Businesses and Systems Architecture Group at Intel.

Intel's ambitious goal of being a market leader in both categories holds enormous potential. The IoT market is expected to see more than 50 billion devices come online over the next few years, while self-driving car technology is advancing faster than probably most people expected.