Intel Named To Barron’s List Of World’s Most Respected Companies

Didn't make that Forbes Billionaire list this year? While you're aiming to get on it next year, perhaps you're at least fortunate enough to find yourself working for a company that's listed on the 2014 edition of Barron's "World's Most Respected Companies" list. The list, which is outputted annually, is based on a survey of professional money managers concerning their views of the planet's 100 largest companies by market value. Mind you, money managers are focused more on the financial upside of a company than softer items like workplace culture and benefits, but it's still not a slight to find your company on the roster.

Out of 100, a few key technology firms were listed, with one of them being Intel. In fact, Intel's been in the list since 2008, and this year it was slotted in 21st place. Up top? Apple, which has knocked off Berkshire Hathaway from its crowned position in 2013. It's a big award to Apple, particularly given how much flack the company has taken since Tim Cook became CEO -- it seems that he has stepped up to the role expertly, and this award helps prove it.

Other tech titans on the list? IBM at #52 (down from #10 last year), and Facebook debuting on the list at #83.