Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm Join Open Connectivity Foundation For IoT Push

The “Internet of Things” is not simply a catchy phrase to describe the impending influx of network-attached products. Of course, there are a myriad of network-attached products on the horizon, which cover everything from light-bulbs to doorbells, but one of the main tenets of the IoT is that all of these devices seamlessly work together. That may not be the case initially, but the overarching idea is that everything from home appliances, to computers, smartphones and automobiles – among many other things -- interact seamlessly and offer a good user experience.

With that in mind, many industry leaders have banded together to form the Open Connectivity Foundation, or OFC. And the OCF just got some influential new members, namely Intel, Qualcomm, and Microsoft.

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Intel, Qualcomm, and Microsoft Join The OCF As Diamond Members

A blog post on the Qualcomm website titled, “Fragmentation is the enemy of the Internet of Things” sums up the goals of the OCF succinctly. There will undoubtedly be devices that don’t work well together as the IoT takes shape, but if the members of the OCF succeed a core framework will be in place that not only helps devices from multiple manufacturers work together, but defines security and remote access protocols, among other things, as well.

Intel’s Imad Sousou wrote, “With tens of billions of consumer, enterprise and embedded devices expected to connect in the coming years, the need for devices to detect and communicate with one another regardless of manufacturer, operating system, chipset or transport has never been greater”, before expressing the company’s excitement for working with the OCF.

Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft expressed similar sentiments, “We are committed to the establishment and growth of the OCF. We look forward to seeing the innovation it will enable for all customers and the endless opportunities it will create for developers.”

Intel, Qualcomm, and Microsoft joining the Open Connectivity Foundation is a significant step forward for the IoT and should help lure other companies into the foundation as well.