Intel, Microsoft Collaborate To Bring Pay-As-You-Go PCs To Millions Of New Users

Intel, Microsoft Collaborate To Bring Pay-As-You-Go PCs To Millions Of New Users

Microsoft FlexGo Technology to be a Key Element of Intel World Ahead Program

SEATTLE, May 22, 2006 - Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corp. today announced that the companies will collaborate to engineer and deliver flexible, pay-as-you-go PC purchasing models for consumers in emerging markets. Intel's support of Microsoft FlexGo technology is a key part of Intel's broad World Ahead program to help speed access to uncompromised technology and education for people in developing regions around the world. The collaboration between Microsoft and Intel to implement FlexGo technology is another example of the successful joint activities the two companies have taken on in emerging markets. 

The pay-as-you-go model enabled by FlexGo makes PCs more accessible by reducing the initial cost and enabling customers to pay for computers through subscriptions or as they use them, through the purchase of prepaid activation cards or tokens. Intel will provide support for the FlexGo capability initially on Intel's Discover the PC platforms tailored for people in developing regions, such as the recently introduced Intel-powered Community PC in India.

"We have a strong history of collaboration with Intel, driving innovation with the industry, making our products more accessible, and improving the lives of people in developing markets," said Will Poole, senior vice president of Microsoft's Market Expansion Group. "We are very optimistic about the results of our joint efforts, such as our collaboration with governments to promote PC ownership, and look forward to working with Intel on pay-as-you-go and subscription computing with FlexGo technology to introduce whole new groups of people to the power of technology."  READ MORE...


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