Intel Media Opens Up Shop in LA and NYC to Start Up Internet TV Service

Internet TV is fast becoming a crowded field, but Intel’s not letting a little competition slow it down. The chip maker is opening offices in Los Angeles and New York so it is better placed to make deals with TV networks.

Roku 3, which will likely be a competitor to the new Intel set top box.
Internet TV players like Roku have a multi-year jump on Intel, but that doesn't seem to be giving the chip maker pause.

Set-top boxes like the Roku and Apple TV have given Internet services like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu (not to mention Apple’s own service) an easy way to reach customers’ TVs. With some customers bailing from costly cable and satellite TV subscriptions in favor of less-expensive Internet TV services, Comcast, Time Warner, and others have been ramping up their own digital offerings. That’s the tough environment in which Intel is planning to create a new business. But given the set top box that it appears to be beta testing and the new offices, Intel looks to be serious about expanding into the Internet TV world.