Intel Lets Slip Core i7 2700K Processor Details

It looks like Intel has every intention of spoiling AMD's Bulldozer launch party. So far up to this point, Intel's desktop Core i7 lineup has been represented by just three processors, including the Core i7 2600, Core i7 2600K, and Core i7 2600S. That's about to change.

Intel added a couple of interesting entries to its Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) database: BX80623I72600K and BXC80623I72700K. Both of these point to an as-yet unreleased Core i7 2700K processor.

Deciphering the code, we find that the first two letters tell us this is a boxed processor ("BX"). One of the strings is followed by the letter "C," which indicates it's destined for China. After that is a five-digit code representative of boxed Sandy Bridge parts, followed by the processor name itself.

What we don't know are the processor specs, though we suspect it will end up being a faster clocked version of the Core i7 2600K. Word on the Web is that the 2700K will supplant the 2600K at the $317 price point. There's nothing to confirm that, but if it shakes out that way, the 2600K will be driven down closer in price to AMD's upcoming flagship FX-8150 processor, which will sell for $266.