Intel Kaby Lake-G Processor With AMD Radeon GPU Spied In Leaked Photo

There has been a lot of activity on the AMD-Intel front over the past week. Earlier this week, out of nowhere, Intel announced that it has been working together with AMD on its upcoming Kaby Lake-G family of processors, which incorporated Radeon graphics in a multi-chip module (MCM).

On Wednesday, the first benchmarks for the Core i7-8705G and Core i7-8809G leaked to the internet. Today, we're getting a real world look at the Kaby Lake-G MCM instead of fancy computer renders/press shots. As you can see, the MCM is absolutely massive compared to most modern processors, and it looks like it's currently installed on a test board.

kaby lake g

The size, however, is to be expected given that the MCM not only includes a Kaby Lake processor, but the Radeon GPU and HBM2 memory. These three components are able to communicate using what Intel calls the Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB). The bridge allows data to transfer between the closely-arranged components at blazing fast speeds.

In addition, the MCM itself allows for a much lower Z-height, allowing OEMs to produce even thinner notebooks designs in the future (Intel says that the first products based on Kaby Lake-G will begin shipping in 2018).

Intel 8th Gen CPU discrete graphics 2

It's definitely an "interesting" time in the hardware industry, especially with regards to AMD and Intel. Just a few days after Kaby Lake-G was announced, it was revealed that Radeon Technology Group chief Raja Koduri was turning his two-month sabbatical from AMD into a clean break to work at rival Intel.

Koduri will lead the newly formed Core and Visual Computing Group, where he will be tasked to help create high-end, discrete graphics solutions.