Intel InTru 3D Tech Used In 3D Super Bowl Spots

We shouldn't have to mention that America's biggest sporting spectacle of the year is just days away now, but if you haven't ran out and secured a pair of 3D glasses for Sunday's viewing of Super Bowl XLIII, now would be an excellent time to do so. Sometime during the game, a commercial sponsored by DreamWorks Animation, Intel and NBC will air, and it will feature a 3D trailer of the highly anticipated Monsters vs. Aliens film.

Said movie -- which is set to launch into cinemas this March -- was DreamWorks' first major picture created with the intention of being showcased in 3D cinemas, and the studio has since said that every movie it creates from here on out will also be made with 3D viewing audiences in mind. Moreover, a second three-dimensional plug will show off SoBe LifeWater energy drinks, and presumably, they'll look so real and lifelike that you'll have to skip the heralded halftime show in order to find a few bottles at the local market.

Intel has made available some 125 million InTru 3D glasses at impossible-to-miss kiosks, which are planted at grocery stores and big box retailers such as Target and Best Buy. It's tough to tell how well this whole stunt will go over -- after all, there's an astounding amount of variability added in here given that most everyone's television will be different. That said, we still can't resist the urge to go pick up a free set of glasses to see if it really turns out to be more than just another gimmick. Are you planning to check out the spots in 3D this year? If so, have a look at DreamWorks CEO Jeffry Katzenberg explaining a bit about the technology in the video below.