Intel Haswell Powered Notebooks Arriving End of May

If you’ve been waiting to score an Intel Haswell-powered notebook, your wait is nearly over. According to DigiTimes, the notebooks will be on store shelves and other retail channels by the end of the month and in fact have mostly already shipped.

The new Haswell laptops will of course come in at a higher price point than older models, but the report notes that vendors are being cautious about how many units they put in the channel, wary of weak sales in June. Presumably, though, if Haswell-based machines do well, orders will pick up quickly.


It’s possible that regardless of how much or how little the industry believes in Haswell, the problem with any new PC right now is that they all run Windows 8, which has not proven to be especially popular among very many people.

In any case, Intel predicts that by the end of the year, computers running Haswell chips will account for 20% of its total desktop shipments.