Intel Grabs 1,400 Powerwave Patents In Bid To Boost Presence In Wireless

Intel has the lion’s share when it comes to the total graphic chips market, John Peddie Research estimated that it has 67.3 percent of the market, but is starting to make some aggressive moves when it comes to wireless telecommunications technology. Intel just announced that it has signed a deal to acquire over 1,400 patents and patent applications from Powerwave Technologies.

“Powerwave was a pioneer in telecommunications infrastructure products, including antennas and base stations,” reads the statement issued by Intel, “The patents relate to, among other things, telecommunications infrastructure technologies, including tower mounted amplifiers, antenna structures, power amplifier configurations, crest factor reduction and digital pre-distortion circuitry.

Image Source: Flickr (Chris Potter)
Back in 2013 Powerwave Technologies went bankrupt and the patents were purchased by an affiliate of The Gores Group. While Intel hasn’t revealed how much it paid for the patents, or its purpose for doing so, this is still a large, and important, acquisition for a company that has been struggling in the mobile market.

This isn’t the first time that Intel has purchased patents in bulk. Back in 2012 the company paid $375 million for 1,700 wireless patents from InterDigital.

Intel’s latest deal follows after the manufacturer was able to poach Qualcomm Atheros president Amir Faintuch, who is expected to help accelerate the company’s success rate with System-on-Chip packages.