Intel Goes Uptown: May Be Partnering With Barney's To Launch Smart Bracelet

When Intel announced its development of a "Smart Bracelet" and other digital lifestyle products at January's CES, there were many reasons to be impressed. In a way, it seemed kind of odd that Intel took as long as it did to make such a reveal, but the fact that it was going to be bringing its own products and technologies to the market meant that there'd be more serious competition, and that of course is a very good thing.

It's always difficult to predict when a product announced at CES will become a reality, but as it now appears, that seems to be about eight months where the smart bracelet is concerned.

Intel's Brian Krzanich unveiling his company's digital lifestyle products at CES

That's what CNET has been told, anyway, but the simple fact that it's coming isn't all that's interesting about it. Apparently, the first model will be hitting the high-end retailer Barneys. It's clear that Intel wants to make a big impression here, and prove that wearable tech isn't only for fitness-lovers; it can be stylish, too.

Intel makes some great products, there's no doubt about that, but fashion isn't its forte. So, to help ensure that its smart bracelet made the right first impression, the company teamed up with design studio Opening Ceremony. So far, no images of the resulting product have been leaked. The same can be said about pricing and specs.

With New York's Fashion Week set to start on September 4, Intel's bracelet could be announced during that time. If not, a second opportunity will arise during the company's Developer Forum, which takes place from September 9 - 11.

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