Intel Gearing-Up Wearable Tech For CES 2014, Krzanich Stepping Out In Style

When it comes to CES, there are huge shoes to fill. With Microsoft out of the mix as a major keynote player, other mainstays are being left to fill in the gaps. Intel has always played something of a role at the show, but this year it may make even more waves than usual. According to a new report at Re/code, CEO Brian Krzanich could be on the verge of announcing Intel’s plans for a play in wearables.

Of course, “smart” devices that put the internet into every nook and dark corner of your life will no doubt be on display at CES — likely in full force, really — but Intel has to figure out a way to innovate in a world where desktop and laptop usage is declining. Krzanich confessed in the report that people still view Intel as a PC company, as that’s largely where the company has dominated. But the PC business is waning, and Intel has been essentially quiet when it comes to powering high-end smartphones and notable tablets.

In the report, Krzanich is quoted as saying that “wearables are wide open,” noting that no one company has that market by the horns just yet. He’s working to make things that you normally wouldn’t consider as “smart” to be… well, smart. To quote: “What you will see at CES [are] tablets that are doing some things that you didn’t think possible. We’ll bring some new innovations in imaging, for example. That’s about all I can tell you for now.”

He’s obviously looking for press, and he’s getting it, but we’ll find out if Intel is going to live up to these promises in just a few days. 
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