Intel G965 Defect Requires Revision?

DigiTimes reports that Intel's upcoming G965 chipset which will accompany the new Core 2 Duo processor could be facing some delays in coming to market due to a defect in the integrated graphics subsystem. On top of the allocation issues the industry is facing with Intel's new Conroe processor, this additional delay is yet another hurdle to be cleared by system integrators and consumers alike wo are wanting to get their hands on Intel's new platform. Fortunately, the defect has been resolved with a new revision though we are likely forced to wait until the middle of August before volume of this new spin of the chipset will become available.

"According to sources familiar with Intel's G965 product roadmap, the chipset has been upgraded to support Microsoft DirectX 10 technology, when it is available, as a step forward from originally-planned DirectX 9, with new drivers required to get the advanced feature. The new chipset also features the Intel Clear Video Technology, which offers improved 3D, multimedia, graphics and video capabilities and supports the H.264 hardware compression standard, the sources indicated."
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