Intel, Dell, Samsung, And Others Form Open Interconnect Consortium

The Internet of Things promises big things, but to get past the theoretical stage, companies need to develop practical solutions to major obstacles, not the least of which is finding a way for devices running on different platforms to communicate effectively.

Microsoft and 50 other companies have teamed up on the AllSeen Alliance to develop open source solutions for IoT interoperability, but that’s not the only group doing that sort of work; major industry players have created the Open Interconnect Consortium, as well.


The OIC currently consists of Dell, Intel, and Samsung as well as Atmel, Broadcom, and Wind River, and the group’s stated goal is to connect the next 25 billion devices with “secure and reliable device discovery and connectivity across multiple OSs and platforms”.

The group is working to define open specifications, certification, and branding that is relatively for develops to work with. The open source version will enable interoperability across virtually any platform.

Their framework will support peer-to-peer, mesh and bridging, and reporting and control communications and offer strong identity, authentication, and security measures that work across consumer, business, and industrial applications. It will also include a “sense of proximity” to support wearables with support for onboarding and provisioning.