Intel Announces Core i9-9900KS Enthusiast CPU With 5GHz Turbo Across All 8 Cores

Roughly a year ago, Intel announced a special edition chip -- the Core i7-8086K Anniversary Edition -- to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the historic 8086 processor. This year, Intel is back with another chip that will see a limited release for the enthusiast market: the Intel Core i9-9900KS Special Edition 8-core/16-thread processor.

Intel i9 9900KS

This represents yet another outgrowth of the original Core i9-9900K.  While the Core i9-9900KF killed off the integrated graphics core, the Core i9-9900KS makes some rather big changes to base and turbo clocks. For starters, the base clock of the processor has been increased from 3.6GHz to 4GHz, which should allow for some pretty solid performance gains across the board.

The second big change has to do with boost clocks. Whereas the Core i9-9900K and Core i9-9990KF can boost to 5GHz on a single core, the Core i9-9900KS can boost to 5GHz across all 8 cores. For comparison the Core i9-9900K/9900KF feature an all-core turbo clock of 4.7GHz.

With that being said, the new Core i9-9900KS still features integrated Intel UHD 630 graphics and support for DDR4-2666. At this time, we don't know anything about TDP values or pricing, although we'd expect to see increases on both fronts. The Core i9-9900K/9900KF both have TDPs of 95W and are priced at $488.

We should hear more about the Core i9-9900KS -- including pricing and availability -- later this week at Computex 2019.