Intel Core i5-8269U Coffee Lake-U Quad-Core Processor Leaks


Apparently Intel is prepping another low power Coffee Lake-U processor for laptops and ultrabooks. The new chip, a Core i5-8269U, was discovered over at SiSoftware's Sandra database. That means it is somewhere out in the wild, though there is no way of knowing if the benchmark entry represents a pre-release engineering sample or finalized silicon. Either way, a consumer release is likely not far behind.

Based on the database entry, the Core i5-8269U is a quad-core chip with simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) support. Those four physical cores and eight threads have a 2.6GHz base clockspeed. There is no indication of what the boost clockspeed is, though a reasonable assumption is that it somewhere in the neighborhood of 4GHz. As a point of reference, the fastest clocked Core i5 Coffee Lake-U processor currently is the Core i5-8350U, which is another quad-core CPU with SMT support, running at 1.7GHz 59 3.6GHz.

SiSoft Sandra
Click to Enlarge (Source: WCCFTech)

Like other Coffee Lake-U processors, the Core i5-8269U is built on a 14nm++ manufacturing process. It has 6MB of L3 cache and a power friendly 15W TDP, both of which are in line with existing Coffee Lake-U processors. The database entry does not provide any details on the integrated graphics, but unless Intel is throwing us for a loop, it will feature a Gen 9.5 iGPU (Intel UHD 620 graphics) clocked around 300GHz to 1,100GHz.

SiSoft Sandra
Click to Enlarge (Source: WCCFTech)

The scores above look very promising, though bear in mind that (A) this is a synthetic benchmark that can spit out varying results, and (B) comparing two different systems on different versions of Sandra can result in exaggerated gaps in scores. That said, we looked up scores for a Core i5-8250U (we couldn't find a Core i5-8350U), which is a 4-core/8-thread CPU clocked at 1.6GHz to 3.4GHz with 6MB L3 cache, and compared it with the Core i5-8269U. Note that the Core i5-8250U we found in the database had been overclocked by 12 percent to 1.8GHz.

With the Core i5-8269U, we're looking at the following scores, with the Core i5-8250U in parenthesis:
  • Processor Arithmetic: 105.77 GOPS (54.05 GOPS)
  • Processor Multimedia: 255.40 Mpix/s (192.43 Mpix/s)
  • Processor Cryptography: 5.91 GB/s (6.58 GB/s)
The arithmetic score is twice as fast, which doesn't really make sense (see above disclaimer), and the processor multimedia score is about 33 percent faster. In the crytopography test, the Core i5-8250U proves the faster part, though not by much.

We don't want to read too much into those scores, but figured we'd provide them for reference. In any event, we expect to see the Core i5-8269U show up in laptops in the not-too-distant future.