Intel Coffee Lake Pricing Leaked Ahead Of October Launch Shows Mainstream Chip Costs

For those Intel fans out there who are waiting in anticipation for Intel Coffee Lake to arrive, some new information has leaked today. Word is that the 8th gen Intel Core parts, Coffee Lake, will be available starting in early October. That fits right in with the rumor we heard in early August that Coffee Lake would be launching in Q3. It's curious though that the fancy MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming mainboard that leaked recently, and is design specifically for the Coffee Lake platform, is tipped to not launch until Q4. It would be odd for MSI to hold off on launching that board until that long after the CPUs launched. However, this tidbit just in...     

Intel Sign

Technically, October is the start of Q4 so a late Q3 early Q4 could swing either way, depending on your thought process. So an October 5th launch date for the MSI board would be Q4 and that would make sense. Intel Coffee Lake CPUs are expected to be in stores and available to purchase (at least in Finland, and presumably globally). Coffee Lake parts are built using a 14nm process and use the LGA1151 socket, that means you will need a new motherboard. A bunch of Gigabyte Coffee Lake mainboards leaked yesterday and they are all expected to launch right along side the CPUs.

Leaked pricing for the Coffee Lake parts lists the following prices:

  • Core i3-8350K will sell for €199 ($199 excluding VAT)
  • Core i5-8600K will retail for €299 ($299 excluding VAT)
  • Core i7-8700K will sell for €419 ($420 excluding VAT)
The Core i3-8350K is a quad-core part, the Core i5 and i7 Coffee Lake parts are both 6-core chips with the i7 supporting Hyperthreading good for up to 12-threads.

All of those prices are said to be accurate for Finland (only time will tell for sure), prices could vary elsewhere. Intel doesn't sell its CPUs for the same straight conversion prices in all their markets; pricing does vary depending on location. The straight conversion prices you see above may be different when the parts launch in the US (and elsewhere). We rather suspect that a part that sells for €199 in Europe will sell for $199 in the US. Intel finally has some competition from AMD in the CPU market, so it will need parts that perform well and compete on pricing with AMD's Ryzen lineup for Coffee Lake to be a hit.