Intel Chomping at the Bit to Serve Chips to Tablets

Intel dominates on the desktop, but in mobile spaces like tablets and smartphones, ARM flexes the most muscle, at least in terms of market share penetration. It's no secret Intel wants to make a big push into mobile, a point the chip maker's new Chief Operating Officer, Brian Krzanich, made abundantly clear in recent comments.

"We will start to see more and more of our capacity and our output go to things that are mobile, likes phones and tablets and other devices," Krzanich told Reuters.

Krzanic has been with Intel for about three decades, and in the past five years, he claims to have cut the time to manufacture a component in half.

Intel believes its lead in manufacturing technology will help it can gain ground on ARM in the mobile space.

"What have I brought to manufacturing? Speed and agility," Krzanich added. "That's exactly what the PC business and exactly what the phone business will need."

Intel has plenty of ground to make up in the mobile market, ground which it plans to recover by besting the competition in turnaround time in producing chips for tablets and smartphones. That means Medfield in the short term, a low-power processor that's been picked up by Lenovo and Motorola Mobility. Looking ahead, Intel will rely on its lead in manufacturing technology to give it a competitive advantage.

Via:  Reuters
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