Intel Chips To Power Over 10 Tablets At Computex

Computex was heavily focused on tablet introductions last year, and it looks like some things actually don't change with time. This year, the June event will be home to over 10 new tablets that run on Intel chips; that's according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal. The show, which is held annually in Taiwan, could be a major launch pad for a slew of slates that use Intel's chips instead of one of the many ARM iterations that have cluttered the market today.

Intel's been all over the map in recent years. Oak Trail for tablets, Moorestown for smartphones, etc. But their mobile plans have been just that: plans. Very little has actually shipped, and it's about time to put up or shut up. Oak Trail may actually be the key the company has needed in the mobile realm, and "Intel's general manager for Asia-Pacific, Navin Shenoy, said more than 35 of Intel's chip-based tablet models are on track to be shipped through the year."

Intel also confirmed that the Japan earthquake has had no impact on their supply chain, which is most certainly good to hear. We're still awaiting details on what tablets will be introduced, but either way, ten new options should be just enough to make your head spin. And we're guessing these guys will run the latest version of Android...or is Microsoft actually planning a legitimate tablet OS?
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