Intel CEO Suggests Google TV Will Launch This Month

In a bid for attention (and money) from high tech couch potatoes, Google TV might be launching sooner than you think. According to comments made by Intel CEO Paul Otellini, Google TV devices will "start shipping this month," though it's not entirely clear if he meant consumers will actually be able to purchase these devices this month or if hardware vendors are starting to shuttle their devices to retail partners.

Either way, Google TV is coming and things are starting to heat up in the living room. Apple recently unveiled its refreshed Apple TV platform, which mainly consists of a $99 set-top box that's available for purchase now and ships in 3-4 weeks. Regardless of what Otellini meant, Google TV is at least shipping in the same general time frame, though not necessarily to the same audience.

How so? Otellini said the new Apple TV would likely appeal to "my mom" since "it's really simplistic," adding that "my son is probably going to go buy a Google TV, simply because it's cool." So why such diplomacy? Remember that Intel supplies processors for Apple Macs, while Google TV devices will come with Intel Atom hardware inside. Even still, Otellini did say he felt Jobs took a "step backwards" by making Apple TV less of a computer-like device.

Whether or not the two platforms can truly co-exist, however, remains to be soon, and the way things are looking, we'll have our answer very soon.