Intel CEO Slams Microsoft Tells Taiwan Employees Windows 8 Isn't Ready For Prime Time

Do you think that Intel, the world's largest chip maker, might have somewhat of a vested interest in Windows? You better believe it, and so it's pretty scary that Intel's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Paul Otellini, isn't feeling the vibe from Windows 8. As far as Otellini is reportedly concerned, Windows 8 is not a finished product.

Citing an un-named source who attended an Intel event in Taiwan, Bloomberg says Otellini told employees during a private meeting that Windows 8 needs improvement and is being released before its really ready.

Windows 8

It's unclear exactly what Otellini and company feels still needs fixing in Windows 8, but he doesn't necessarily disagree with Microsoft's launch date. Otellini is reported as telling his staff that Microsoft's making the right move by releasing an unfinished product, and then making improvements to the platform after it ships.

Intel isn't the only concerned party. Alex Gauna, an analyst at JMP Securities, noted that his firm is also "concerned at the level of bugs and fine tuning that appears necessary" to get the Windows 8 ready for prime time. But it's Intel that needs a successful launch, perhaps just as much as Microsoft. The chip maker recently downgraded its third quarter sales projection by $900 million on the low end and $1.3 billion on the higher end.