Intel Readying Xeon Platinum Monster CPU With 28 Cores And 56 Threads

Earlier this morning, we brought you news of a branding change for Intel’s upcoming Xeon processors. We were greeted with a chart featuring dozens of Gold- and Platinum-branded processors based on Skylake-SP architecture.

Thanks to some extra sleuthing, we now know some basic specs for the top-ranging members of the Xeon Platinum family. The Xeon 8100 Platinum series are 8-socket processors that are compatible with Intel’s LGA 3647 Purley server platform.


Sitting at the top of the totem pole is the Xeon Platinum 8180, which is clocked at 2.5GHz and packs in an incredible 28 cores and 56 threads (thanks to HyperThreading). This monster of a CPU will have 38.5MB of L3 cache and a TDP of 205 watts.

The other members of the Skylake-SP architecture family include the Xeon Gold, which are available in 4-socket (6000 series, 5000 series) configurations. Moving on down the line, we have the Xeon Silver (4000 series) and Bronze (3000 series). The former corresponds to dual-socket systems, while the latter is destined to be used in single-socket server systems. Both Xeon Bronze and Silver are based on Intel’s Skylake-X architecture.

According to Computer Base, total core counts for the new Xeon processors breaks down this way:

  • Xeon Platinum: 22 to 28 cores
  • Xeon Gold: 14 to 22 cores
  • Xeon Silver: 10 to 12 cores
  • Xeon Bronze: fewer than 10 cores

Intel’s new family of chips will support six-channel memory, with three memory modules per channel (18 modules per processor). Given that the original document detailing the processors was found sitting on its own servers before being quickly being taken down, it stands to reason that the launch of these new “super” Xeon chips is probably right around the corner.