Intel and Toshiba Collaborate on Bizarre Social Film "The Power Inside," You Could Be in It

Intel and Toshiba aren't exactly strange bedfellows, but put the two of them together to collaborate on a Hollywood-quality film and, well, things tend to get a little weird. To two technology firms are working on a social film titled "The Power Inside" starring Harvey Keitel ("Reservoir Dogs"), Craig Roberts ("Submarine"), Analeigh Tipton ("Crazy, Stupid, Love"), Reid Ewing ("Modern Family"), and Zack Pearlman ("The Inbetweeners"), and possibly you as well.

First things first. "The Power Inside" is described as a blockbuster-class experiment in social entertainment. This is actually the third year Intel and Toshiba have partnered with award-winning directors to produce a Hollywood-quality film, and last year's effort, "The Beauty Inside," won a 2013 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding New Approach to Daytime Programming.

The Power Inside

"The way that we make films and how viewers interact with entertainment content is evolving," said Will Speck of the film's directing team Speck and Gordon. "Social films give us the opportunity to tell stories in a new way by creating an immersive, participatory experience for the audience.

What's the film about? An alien invasion by a race of extraterrestrial mustaches and unibrows who take over the upper lips and eyes of humans, of course! Told you it was a bizarre. If you want to be in it, you can audition for a role on the project's Facebook page.