Intel and Microsoft May Be Joining Green Grid

Issues such as global warming have become increasingly important lately, and some computer companies, along with the rest of the world, are doing their part to help. According to The Register, Green Grid, an association of computer companies with the goal of lowering the power consumption of data centers, may have recently received support from Intel and Microsoft. There is speculation that Intel and Microsoft will accept invitations into the association sometime in the next few weeks, joining founders AMD, IBM, HP, Dell, and Sun Microsystems.

Come Monday, the elusive Green Grid consortium that focuses on the energy consumption of data centers will announce the acquisition of two industry heavyweights - Intel and Microsoft, The Register has learned. Up to this point, the Green Grid has been looking very, um, green with nothing of substance coming out of the group. In fact, the Green Grid won't even turn into an official organization until next week's announcement, despite the thousands of stories you've already seen in the press. On Monday, the group with members such as AMD, Sun Microsystems, Dell, HP and IBM plans to discuss its charter and structure to those who will listen, according to our sources. It will also pump out three white papers aimed at CIOs, data center chiefs and building managers.