Intel and 45nm

Josh from PenStar Systems has some interesting comments posted regarding Intel's upcoming 45nm process. Intel's manufacturing prowess is well known, but Josh seems to think many in the industry are a bit too optimistic at the moment.  Of course, time will tell...

"For the past four months we have been hearing a lot about Intel's 65 nm process and the products being released on it. Unfortunately, I think that there is a lot of misunderstanding about where Intel exactly is at, as well as how their roadmap is shaping up. As tech enthusiasts we tend to be quite optimistic about how a certain product family or process node is going, because we simply want to see these new products and lines come forward as soon as possible so we can see the results and buy these new products. This optimism often leads us into making fallacious claims about the healthiness of a certain design or process node."
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