Intel Acquires Wireless Infrastructure Division of Mindspeed Technologies

Intel may be looking to rid itself of certain technologies related to its ill-fated OnCue television efforts, but that's not stopping it from writing checks in the other direction. The company has just inked an agreement to "acquire certain assets of the wireless infrastructure division of Mindspeed Technologies." It'll be acquiring the companies IP and talent, and while details remain scarce, Intel has stated that the new team members will help to "transform wireless access within mobile network infrastructure."

Here's a bit from Intel on how Mindspeed will be assisting the mothership: "Intel-based platforms today deliver three of four key processing workloads: application processing, control processing and packet processing. Our goal has always been to consolidate all four workloads to run on IA and we have already made significant steps towards enabling the last one -- signal processing on Intel-based servers -- through collaboration with China Mobile and SKT on designing Cloud Radio Access Network technologies. Through this acquisition, Intel will gain a wireless infrastructure team with deep experience in delivering signal processing-related technologies and IP for base stations. Having this team as part of Intel will accelerate consolidation of the final fourth workload on Intel technologies, delivering increased value to customers."

Intel's not sharing much more right now, but it's clear that even a chip giant realizes that the future is in mobile. With the likes of ARM, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments showing muscles in areas of mobile growth, Intel is making strides to keep pace outside of the conventional desktop/laptop/server universe.