Intel Acquires Natural Language Processing Startup Indisys To Bolster Perceptual Computing Efforts

When you think Intel, you probably think "CPU." You might also think "USB." But in truth, Intel does a lot more than invest in interconnectors and microprocessors, and increasingly, it is having to look towards entirely new pathways to success. The chip market just isn't as huge as it once was. Dell knows first-hand how tough it is to survive in a "post-PC" world, where fewer and fewer individuals and companies alike are buying new desktops. So, Intel's been acquiring new and emerging technology firms in order to position itself as a technology pioneer, not just a chipmaker.

The latest acquisition is Indisys, which Intel purchased quietly this summer. The discovery is just now making the rounds, and given that it's a natural language processing company, it seems obvious that Intel's plans for the future are way bigger than producing another Core i7 with a few extra gigahertz. Pilar Manchon, CEO of Indisys, is now in Santa Clara working in Intel’s R&D department, and while Intel is not disclosing what the company is going to do as a part of Intel, it does have a deep background of "computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and machine learning."

This is just the first step in a new phase for Intel. The future of technology lies in a computer's ability to better understand a human, and work more closely together as one. Intelligent medicine has already enabled certain bionic limbs to read one's thoughts and react accordingly, and Intel now has the tools to do something similar if it chooses. Hopefully, we'll see the fruits of this labor sooner rather than later.