Instagram Displaying Photo Feeds on the Desktop Web, Not Just Smartphones

Instagram addicts can now get their fix of filtered photos even when their mobile phone batteries run out of juice. How so? The Facebook-owned service announced that you can now browse your Instagram feed on the web from your desktop or laptop, just like you do on your mobile device. All you have to do is head to Instagram's website and log into your account.

"We believe that you should be able to access Instagram on a variety of different devices, any of which may be convenient to you at a given moment – including your desktop computer or tablet," Instagram stated in a blog post. "We do not offer the ability to upload from the web as Instagram is about producing photos on the go, in the real world, in realtime. On the other hand, Instagram for the web is focused on making the browsing experience a fast, simple and enjoyable one."

Instagram on the Web

The Instagram Feed on the web works the same as it does on a mobile phone. Users are free to browse photos, "like" them by double-clicking, or spark a conversation via inline commenting. In addition, if you shrink the browser down to a single column, your feed will look almost identical to the way it does on a mobile device.

"Simply put, we've brought a simple, powerful, and beautiful Instagram browsing experience to the web," Instagram said.