Instagram 6 Release Brings Photo Editing Tools To iOS And Android Users

After spending $1 billion acquiring the service, it would be pretty silly for Facebook to let Instagram grow stagnant. You needn't worry about that if you're an Instagram user -- effectively immediately, you now have more creative tools to play around with, which apply to both Android and iOS users. These include the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, and more.

Once you've installed the new version, you'll find the expanded tools by tapping the wrench icon, which you'll see when selecting a filter. This will bring up a tray of photo editing tools, such as the ones mentioned above. You can also adjust how much of a filter you apply to a photo by double-tapping the filter icon.

Instagram Adjustments

"Inspiring creativity is incredibly important to us—and as the Instagram community grows, we’ve been excited to hear requests for more ways to creatively take hold of how your photos look and feel," Instagram stated in a blog post announcing the new tools.

Instagram is home to over 200 million users, up from between 30 million to 40 million users when Facebook first acquired the company. The service recently topped 20 billion photos. By the end of the year, Instagram expects to have around 275 million registered users.

The new version of Instagram is available now for iOS in iTunes and Android in Google Play.