INQ Cloud Touch And Cloud Q Smartphones Love Facebook

Well, those rumors of the "Facebook phone" have amounted to something. It's not exactly a "Facebook phone," but it's close! INQ is a little-known cellphone company, but now with this, they're getting on the map in a big way. The company has just released the Cloud Touch and Cloud Q phones, both of which are "Facebook focused."

The INQ Cloud Touch is an Android 2.2-based phone with full touch-panel, while the Cloud Q is the same phone with the addition of a QWERTY keyboard. Both phones feature tri-band HSPA, a 3.5" touch-panel, 5MP camera and above-average Facebook support. There's even a dedicated Spotify key, which turns this into the ultimate social networking phone. It's clear that INQ is marketing this phone towards consumers who value networking first, and calling second. The two devices will have a Facebook Social Graph API that puts your most important Facebook information front and center on your homescreen, and there's a keyboard technology that's based on SwiftKey. That means that it'll have world-class prediction technology, so typing your next Facebook status should be a breeze.

The Cloud Touch is supposed to launch in April, while the Cloud Q ships in Q3; pricing for both remains up in the air. Now, the real question is this: will Facebook adopt this idea and actually take it one step further with a Facebook-branded phone? And if they did, would you be into it?