Infinium-Serve Flying Robotic Waiters To Start Serving Restaurant-Goers In 2015

Imagine you are sitting in a restaurant and, instead of being served by a human waiter; a small, flying robot comes up to your table to serve you. That’s the scenario taking place in Singapore as restaurant-goers visit one of Timbre Group’s five outlets.

By the end of next year, the autonomous flying robotic waiters, called Infinium-Serve, are expected to start serving customers. Designed and developed by Infinium Robotics, the company’s goal is to provide a product that will increase the productivity of restaurant outlets. Especially when it comes to businesses that are unable to hire enough people or are facing a shortage of manpower which appears to be a problem in Singapore.

Infinium serve waiter

Infinium Robotics CEO Junyang Woon said that the project’s estimated cost will be in the “low seven figure sum” for all five of Timbre Group’s outlets. In an attempt to seek productivity-related government grants to help make up for the project’s deployment costs, Infinium Robotics signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Timbre Group.

Woon is confident that these robotic solutions will help with the country’s labor crunch and that introducing these robotic waiters will let human waiters focus on higher-value tasks such as gathering feedback from customers (a similar argument was made for the Oshbot that is being tested by Lowes).

“This will result in an enhanced dining experience which will eventually lead to increased sales and revenue for the restaurants,” said Woon.

Some of the advantages of using the Infinium-Serve, according to the company, would be fast delivery speed, maximization of sales per square foot, saves space, easy plug and play system, and fully autonomous. The company also pointed out that businesses would not have to worry about worker strikes or pay raises.