Infiniti's Project Black S Badass Prototype Coupe Built With Help Of Renault Sport F1 Team

Infiniti has a very cool new performance car called the Project Black S prototype that was developed with cooperation from the Renault Sport F1 Team; the car uses a world's first dual-hybrid powertrain. This unique powertrain could be deployed in a road car according to Infiniti. The Project Black S prototype was developed with maximum performance in mind along with aerodynamics and energy management.

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This prototype differs from the design study seen in Geneva last year in that it has many new tech enhancements integrated. The enhancements include weight reduction with lots of carbon fiber used, a motorsports-inspired interior, and improved aerodynamics. The big tech upgrade is the world's first energy recovery system able to harvest energy under braking and acceleration derived from F1 tech.

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The dual-hybrid system can capture heat and kinetic energy to improve performance. Two energy harvesting units are leveraged to capture that energy including an MGU-H (motor generator unit- heat) and a kinetic system called MGU-K (motor generator unit- kinetic). The latter generates electricity under braking. The heart of the car, however, is the Infinity twin-turbo V6 from the Q60 Red Sport making 400hp. Those power harvesting systems combined with the gas motor generate 563hp total. Electricity harvested via those systems is stored in a 4.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack in the rear compartment.

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Electricity is used as an anti-lag system to spool the turbine blades in the e-turbo more quickly. Stored energy in the battery is used to power the MGU-K adding in up to 120 kW of electric power directly to the drivetrain to provide instant, lag-free acceleration via the rear axle. The Project Black S prototype is also the first Infiniti to use drive-by-wire controls. Infiniti says that development of the prototype through 2019 will move from the lab and dyno room to the race track for performance and validation testing in the real world. Infiniti says that after development is complete, elements from the car will find their way into future road cars.