Infinitec's IUM Ad Hoc Streaming Device To Ship In Late August

Product delays in the consumer electronics industry aren't altogether uncommon, but we're of the belief that it's better to wait and really nail the execution of things than to rush something out ahead of time. Infinitec, a start-up company that first came to light a few months ago, has now updated us with a revised ship date for their first product. The IUM, which is being described as the world's first infinite USB memory device, will now ship on August 31st of this year.

If you're just now coming up to speed with this product, it's basically an ad hoc streamer that enables any device with this in the USB port to stream content (files, multi-media, etc.) to any other machine. PC to Xbox 360? Sure. Laptop to netbook? Yep. The company has stated that they have had to "slightly delay our product shipping date because of all the issues in the industry for component sourcing," but those who still want to pre-order will now be able to do so on August 1. And for those that do, they'll get free shipping.

The final product will also boast a slightly newer design that's sleeker than before, so at least you'll have that to look forward to as you wait. Still, this product feels like one that could really prove useful for a number of people who are struggling to stream content or files from one device to another without wires. Hopefully it'll be as simple as it sounds when it comes to real-world use; if so, it could be a serious winner.

Infinitec Announces Final Shipping Date for World’s First Infinite USB Memory Drive

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates, 06/28/2010 - Highly anticipated Infinite USB Memory Drive (IUM) will ship August 31st and comes with new sleek design. Pre-orders start August 1st.
Dubai-based Infinitec announced today that it will begin shipping the world’s first Infinite USB Memory Drive (IUM) to its customers on August 31st 2010. This small delay in shipping the highly anticipated wireless device that mimics traditional USB flash drives is due to industry lead time issues in sourcing components and microchips.

Ahmad Zahran, Chief Executive Officer at Infinitec, pointed out, “We’ve had to slightly delay our product shipping date because of all the issues in the industry for component sourcing. We understand that our customers are eager to get their hand on the product and we’ve received many requests to ship earlier. Unfortunately this unexpected situation has simply been one that we couldn’t avoid. However, to make up for it we’ll open our site for pre-orders sooner and give our customers free shipping during that period.”

The device will be initially sold through the company’s website, which will open for pre-orders on August 1st 2010. This will allow eager consumers to place their orders prior to the August 31st date and receive free shipping to any destination around the world.
Infinitec is also working with several distributors and resellers to allow the IUM to become available in retail stores globally within the next year.

In addition, the company also announced that the IUM has been re-designed to become sleeker and more attractive. “We wanted the IUM to be instantly recognisable, something extra-ordinary and extremely attractive,” said David McKern, Chief Marketing Officer at Infinitec. “We’ve also made sure it’s small enough to fit in your pocket without inconveniencing you and that you can connect it into tight USB locations such as the Xbox 360’s USB port design which is very small.”

Pre-orders for the IUM will open on August 1st 2010 and can be make through the Infinitec website. The product will sell at $129 and customers who pre-order before the August 31st shipping date will receive free shipping to any destination around the world.